The selfless 9-year-old built homes and grew food for the poor people herself


Meet Haley Fort, a little girl who is incredibly nice and kind.

She may only be nine years old, but she has a big heart and a wise mind to make such a kind gift.

She was able to do things that many grownups even don’t know she can achieve because of her infectious zeal and kind nature.

The kind young lady began a philanthropic endeavor and still provides assistance to others who are homeless.

She devotes all of her free time to building homeless people’s mobile shelters.

To supplement their diets, she is also producing fruits and vegetables by herself.

When she was a little child, the noble girl had a desire for assisting and encouraging those in need.

She saw a homeless guy one day when she was just five years old and asked her mother to buy him food in an effort to assist.

Haley and her mother have therefore been helping others in need as quickly as possible ever since that day.

The kind family does their best to do good for the people in their neighborhood, and the child has been raised with such a kind and giving disposition.

Also, just this year, Haley has built 12 mobile shelters, grown 113 kg of veggies, and purchased plenty of hygiene supplies.

Those who are prepared to give on GoFundMe or create purchases and ship them are also warmly welcomed by the family.

Young Haley engages in the activity with her parents and a great deal of love and respect for those who are homeless.

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