Mom has 15 children by the time she is 40, becomes pregnant with her 16th baby, and homeschools all of them


Lyette Reback was raised as the sole kid. She never watched children after school for neighbors, and she never changed a soiled diaper.

Nonetheless, Lyette has always known in her heart that she was intended to have a large family of her own, despite her lack of experience.

And by large family, I mean. When they were both 19, Lyette and David started dating.

Ten days later, they got hitched. Lyette found out she was expecting a girl, her first child, two years later. History is what came afterwards.

The devoted couple from Palm Beach, Florida, went on to have six boys and nine additional girls, for a total of 11 biological children and four adoptive kids.

Lyette’s friends would describe her as wild. Strangers would laugh at the notion of having so many kids.

In addition to 88 different sporting events each week, 42 pieces of washing, and $650 worth of groceries purchased from a wholesaler per week, including 12 milk gallons, 100 eggs, 40 pound of chicken, and 50 pounds of potato, All those big figures add up to a lot.

Of course, she educates all of her children in their 3-bedroom home.

Yet, they claim that they still had plans to grow their fam significantly and that they were going to have a lot of kids.

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