Unaware that he is standing behind her, the wife texts her hubby about their newborn twins


As his wife was carrying their second child, Staff. Skyler was stationed in Kuwait.

She had to raise their 2 kids in addition to being pregnant with 2 girls.

Cydney became ill with the flu at the end of her pregnancy. Their twins Emma and Kyla were thus delivered at 33 weeks preterm.

In order to be present for the birth of his children, Skyler was unable to get home to Kansas in time.

As much as he could, he texted, phoned, and video chatted.

They were both becoming stronger and healthier every day, and Cydney was so happy to witness it.

She eagerly anticipated their first encounter with her.

On the twelveth day of the twins’ stay in the NICU, she held one infant in one arm and her phone in the other.

He had been requesting pictures and information about the twins through text message all day.

She was sitting in her NICU room with her back to the door and in the middle of replying to his text from there.

A nurse entered the room at that precise moment with a surprise that, according to her Fb post, involved:

“1 year of odd, 1000s of miles, solo childbirth, 48392 calls, some action heroes, a few long flights, 12 NICU days, many of assistance from fam and loved ones, and many crying.”

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