This lady has married the same guy 24 times, with 26 more to go


This lovely lady works as a skilled nurse at one of the clinics, and she welcomes marriage-related congratulations.

She had a date with George. Things isn’t as straightforward as it appears since the nurse married.

She became the guy’s wife 24 times in a row.

She, on the other hand, has no intention of stopping and wishes to untie knots 26 more times.

Every year is a nice tradition for this family marriage.

It started when this couple had to convey their passion and commitment to the family members.

Then, away from their loved ones, young people married in secret.

There has to be a second ceremony because of this.

Two documents were given to the couple, and each was signed by the relevant officials of two separate states.

Then, young people pondered the reasons of not getting married annually in various locations.

As soon as they finished speaking, Leah and George started carrying out their plan.

Even though they are constantly newlyweds, they do not treat their marriages lightly.

Because they make pledges to one another every year, they strengthen ties in this way.

This is an excellent chance to reconsider your priorities and rediscover your love for your partner.

Themed wedding parties that draw a large guest list are held in addition to traditional wedding ceremonies.

Using this method, you may unwind with your closest friends and pick up fresh perspectives.

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