Driver notices 5-year-old holding toy light and girl claims she’s going “to the store” late at night


After visiting a casino in Washington state, Marc Breckenridge and his fiancee were traveling back home.

He abruptly slammed on his breaks when it was becoming dark and late at night.

There was a chocolate Labrador retriever standing in the center of the street.

Just in time to witness a 5-year-old blond girl and her friend attempting to chase after the dog, Marc slowed down and turned the car around. Paislee, a 5-year-old, was toting a lamp.

When vehicles sped past and almost missed them, Marc sprang out of his car and snatched the ladies from the roadway.

He then sat them down. That is how near to danger the girls were.

The late-night driver quizzed the ladies on a variety of topics, including what they were doing outside by themselves and where they were headed, and was astonished by their responses.

The light in Paislee’s tiny hand was a miniature light-up baseball bat, which she explained was there “to guide her the way as they were about to go on their adventure.” Paislee informed Marc they were going to the store to buy toys.

But, where are your parents, he questioned.

Only now was the incredible tale of how Paislee and her buddy had sneaked out of their house began.

Also, her parents were about to receive the shock of their lives.

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