A 15-year-old Indian girl cries with stones, and scientists are puzzled by the occurrence


An strange girl is the subject of this tale.

Our Indian hero wept with stones, unlike the majority of kids her age who would have done so out of despair or annoyance.

A 15-year-family old’s asserts that nothing like this has ever occurred before.

Almost a hundred of these videos are in the family’s collection.

In fact, no one was willing to believe in such a thing in the absence of video documentation.

The fact that the pace of deposit creation is so astounding is what triggered the majority of the queries from doctors.

Internet people responded to this news when it was reported with tremendous suspicion.

It has been claimed that the girl’s parents are pressuring her to put stones in her eyes in order to attract attention, shocking India.

The parents gradually accepted their daughter’s peculiar behavior and discovered alternative methods to console her.

The Indian populace, in contrast to the online community, has been reeling from the news for a few days now.

The girl’s home village is startled in the most literal sense.

It may have been rare to be able to cry with stones.

It also demonstrated the depth of her feelings and the originality of her worldview.

While she was unique compared to others, she was still wonderful and accepted for who she was.

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