An elderly woodcutter, 90, builds his own Hobbit house in which he lives in lovely luxury


One guy made the decision to realize his enthusiasm for J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” novels after a lifetime of admiration.

He started building a burrow home on his land, like to the hobbits in the well-known tale, after retiring. The cellar had a basement.

There is one caveat, though: if you are taller than 160 cm, you might want to find lodging somewhere else.

Because he is not very tall, the owner of the hobbit house understood that a dwelling would be much more practical than a cellar.

Now that he is content, followers from all over the world travel to see him at his home that was inspired by a hobbit.

The interior of the home is composed of natural materials like stone and wood, and it has an intriguing door that was created to seem as much like the one from the film as possible.

Even the toilet is in the same design as the rest of the house, which has an open fireplace for heating.

The home is lovely and warm on the inside, and equally intriguing and lovely from the outside.

The home’s owner acknowledges that he feels terrific there and enjoys a sense of independence and contentment.

The only emotion is one of blessing rather than pressure or worry.

This man achieved his goal, and his hobbit house really did turn out to be magnificent.

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