While Meghan has previously been “heavily berated” for violating the same clothing rule, fans criticize Kate for “copying” her


The royals is always keeping an eye on her. The fashion police, who pay close attention to what Kate and Meghan wear and the similarities between their clothes, have, nevertheless, caught the attention of many people recently.

When she was a part of the royal family, she was ridiculed, but Middleton looked to be the role model that everyone wanted Her to take.

However it appears that Middleton chose to do the opposite and following Markle’s example.

Fans of the royals and Meghan are criticising Kate for behaving and wearing in a way that landed her in trouble when she was a prominent member of the fam when she ventures outside of her comfort zone the regal fam.

For instance, Kate and William had a highly uncommon gesture of affection in public on July 6, 2022, during a polo match.

Yet, it is unusual for spectators to witness them kissing and wrapping their waists.

They have always been rather modest on this subject, despite the fact that there is no royal etiquette regarding the level of devotion a couple may display.

The couple that has always shown the most affection in public, frequently holding hands, is Harry and Meghan.

Many asserted that they only shown affection in public because they were trying to copy them since they had always been the most loving pair.

Keep in mind that they were photographed kissing at a polo tournament in May 2022.

Meghan donned a polka-dot dress and hat that day that mirrored Kate’s most recent ensemble.

She kissed her spouse, covering their face with her hand, but it was evident they had embraced.

The public has likened this public show of passion to Kate and William’s kiss.

In a departure from her normal style, Kate displayed her figure at the women’s Wimbledon final on Saturday.

She is not accustomed to wearing the canary yellow dress or the sun hat, for example. In any case, she was stunning.

While some people were thrilled by her new look, others have been less so by her apparent desire to show more of her body in her clothing.

In reality, the Duchess’ detractors are the ones who believe it was an error for her to receive accolades for donning the same kinds of attire that Meghan has drawn criticism for especially given that she was already in the news before to this occasion.

In truth, She wore a dress remarkably similar to Kate’s at Wimbledon when she kissed him during the polo match.

The outfit was black with white polka dots and fitted Kate more closely than normal.

When Novak Djokovic wore a similar outfit to Meghan Markle, he was attacked once more for doing so.

He looked great, though. She and William did not make eye contact this time, though, because their kid was seated in front of them.

The outfit Markle wore to a Commonwealth Youth event in London earlier this year and the Duchess’s attire for the women’s final shared similarities.

The day following their clothing coordination at Wimbledon, Kate and Meghan donned this ensemble.

Kate’s Dolce and Gabbana dress covered her shoulders, giving her a little more modest appearance than Meghan’s Brandon Maxwell outfit, which had no sleeves.

The hue is not a surprise, despite the fact that Kate has never chosen this particular type of dress.

She has never been afraid to use color, despite the fact that all of her previous outfits were very understated.

In reality, Princess Charlotte donned a white frock embroidered with vibrant yellow flowers when William and Kate initially revealed their daughter to the public, and she has previously sported a number of other yellow outfits.

While her new sense of style is a welcome departure from some of her more understated royal garb, some people find it less than endearing that she’s emulating Meghan Markle’s previous looks.

Some royals followers even contend that the press shouldn’t have any bearing on how a royal is treated in publicly and that all members of the fam should receive the same respect regardless of whether they labor or not.

The fact that she attended Wimbledon but Meghan was prohibited from doing so offended several supporters.

Some assert that Kate’s decision to copy her by donning a hat for the tennis match was her only motivation.

One was on her as she kissed him at the polo play. Another supporter labeled the controversy “StrawHatGate” and brought up the fact that Meghan was barred from sporting a hat at Wimbledon in 2018 as justification.

Nevertheless, other fans believed Kate’s hat didn’t match her dress and looked out of place, even if they had no issue with her wearing it.

Once Megan had to wear her hat in 2018, one supporter even questioned why the wife of Prince would don this one.

Others argued that because Kate always modeled herself after Diana and is currently doing the same with Meghan, she lacked a unique sense of style.

At Wimbledon’s locker room, royal customs may be altered, according to other spectators.

Even the question of whether she was the only one for whom the rules applied was raised on Twitter by one individual.

And a lot of people gave positive responses to the tweet, with one person stating that Kate is only getting away with things Megan hasn’t since the media is on her side.

The fact that her style has changed and that she could have been inspired by her sister-in-sense law’s of style is evident to many admirers, regardless of whether they agree with the choice or not.

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