Musk’s 18-year-old kid turned into a girl and made his first public appearance…


Due to his status as one of the richest individuals on earth and his founding role in the companies Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk frequently appears in the headlines.

The millionaire is attracting a lot of attention this time, though, for a very distinct reason.

His son has chosen to transition from boy to girl.

In addition to rejecting gender identity, 18-year-old Xavier also renounced his illustrious last name and went by the name Vivien Jenna.

Recently, the media was able to obtain a few images of the newborn baby girl.

She was dressed athletically, yet it was clear that she was a lady because of her lovely long hair and that she was a woman.

The teenage girl drove her car while out shopping with a stranger.

Recall that Elon Musk and his writer wife Justin Wilson had five children together.

In addition to Xavier and Griffin being twins, Kai, Saxon, and Damian are triplets.

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