As a poor babysitter gives her toddler an old doll she bought at a flea market, she hears a creak


A squeak can be heard when an elderly doll is given to a little child by a poor janitor who bought it at a flea market for her.

She starts crying at what she finds out next. Eva, her daughter who is now eight years old, was raised by Pauline, a single mother who also worked as a nanny.

A few years ago, her spouse passed away from cancer, and ever since, she has been parenting her kid alone.

She realized that giving her daughter the baby at the flea market would be the perfect birthday present.

Her only alternative was to hunt for something at the flea market as she didn’t have enough money to purchase something fancy.

Pauline was so caught up in her thoughts when she made the decision to acquire the doll that she neglected to look into it.

When she presented it to Eve for her birthday two days later, she noticed an odd squeak emanating from the doll.

Pauline was aware that Eve’s classmates mistreated her because she wasn’t as wealthy as they were, but she felt powerless to change it.

Sometimes kids can be harsh. Pauline then looked more closely at the doll and discovered a covert pocket sewed into the doll’s attire.

A note fell as she released the cord holding her together.

Myriam started to cry once again once she had concluded her narrative.

She consoles her, and the two ladies engage in a lengthy conversation about their lives.

Pauline welcomed Eve to spend time with them after telling how she reared Eve by herself.

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