The talented singer who lives on the streets makes amazing use of his earnings


Talents are often all around us; we simply need to be aware of them since we are used to hearing and seeing them primarily on TV or at concerts.

The protagonist of this tale is a man by the name of Herbie Russ, a skilled singer.

But sadly, because he has been homeless since his 11th grade, he does not belong to any stage and few people are aware of him.

He is unique because of something about him. It is not just about how strong his voice is; it is also about how he spends the money he makes from singing.

He does use his money to benefit others, that much is true.

His enormous potential is recognized and appreciated by those who already know him from many streets, and they look forward to the day when they may see him in a better situation.

See a portion of his performance singing “Hallelujah” in the video above; we are confident you will find it to be quite moving. Share with your friends and family to make them smile.

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