After her son was born the mum asked the last question and shut her eyes for eternity 


Everyone agrees that a mother would always sacrifice everything for her kid, yet sometimes it might be difficult to comprehend the devotion of some mothers.

Wes and Carisa Bagal, a couple from Colorado in the United States, were excited for the birth of their baby but had no idea what a dreadful decision they would have to make.

As the time arrived, Karisa gathered her belongings and accompanied her husband to the hospital.

She uploaded her final image on Facebook early in the morning with the caption, “The only reason to get up this morning is the birth of a kid.”

An amniotic embolism, or the passage of amniotic fluid into the mother’s bloodstream, was found during a routine test before delivery, which was devastating news for the expecting parents.

For the mother and the fetus’ lives, this condition is extremely risky.

The physicians made the decision to perform an emergency caesarean section after expressing concern that the child’s heart might not be strong enough to sustain the labor.

Karise was offered the option of employing general anesthesia, which would make the procedure safer for the mother, or minimum anesthetic, which is safer for a kid but more risky for a woman.

Yet, the prospective mother was certain that everything should be done in the baby’s best interests and advised the physicians to follow her advice.

Declan the infant was born soon after. When Karisa enquired how much her son weighed, the response was “3,400.”

The last sounds the mom ever heard were these words and her son’s first scream.

She passed away shortly after that. Weight acknowledges that he fears the day when his son inquires about his mother’s whereabouts and what happened to her.

He simply wishes that his son would not hold himself accountable and will always remember how much his mother loved him.

The man adds with tears in his eyes, “Take care of those you love.” Family is constantly there for little Declan, and dad makes an effort to spend as much time as he can with him.

One day he’ll show his son this picture of a joyful mother holding her belly as she gets ready to travel to the hospital.

The kid will never see his mother, but the loving gaze of her eyes will follow him throughout his life.

A wonderful emotion that may outlast even death is maternal love.

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