Before she discovered how to change her life, this elderly woman spent many years walking with a hunchback and in pain


Most people accept different types of discomfort and age-related health issues as they become older.

One of them is Anna Pesce, whose tale is told below. On her way up the stairs to see her kids in 2014, Anna almost passed out.

My back was hurting a lot. The rest of my stay required me to be wheeled up the steps and into a wheelchair.

This turned into a pivotal occasion for Anna at that time. She went to a chiropractor and attempted acupuncture, but nothing of these treatments worked.

She endured excruciating discomfort each day, and as a result, her back curled and humped.

She had a horrible quality of life, which turned into her major issue.

Everything changed the moment she made the decision to work with certified yoga instructor Rachel Jasien.

On a weekly basis, they got together. Rachel showed Anna some relaxing positions. Anna was able to walk once again a month later.

Another significant development after two months was that the woman was aware of the postures to adopt when she had her typical discomfort.

She may sit on a chair and strike the ankle-to-knees pose, for instance, if her hip pained.

Anna was able to do a modified headstand after practicing yoga for four months.

Imagine if this 85-year-old woman had difficulty walking on her own only a few months prior.

According to Rachel, yoga may improve bone density, strengthen muscles, and treat back pain when practiced under the direction of a qualified instructor.

In order for professionals to pinpoint the precise reasons of your discomfort, an examination must first be conducted.

Anna is in wonderful shape right now, does yoga for several hours virtually every day, and she feels fantastic.

This narrative teaches that it’s appropriate to feel pain or difficulties at any age or at any stage of life.

The only person who can determine how to live and improve their life is themselves!

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