Mom discovers kidnapped 3-month-old baby thrown away “like trash” after hearing cries coming from ditch


When they returned inside to use the restroom, Gena Wilson and her buddy had just about finished getting ready to leave to conduct some errands.

Despite leaving her vehicle running, Gena discovered it was vanished from the driveway when she went back outside a short while later.

Her 3-month-old kid, Ghyadi, was in the back of the vehicle, which had just been stolen.

The whole city of Alton, Illinois, mobilized to look for Ghyadi after an Amber Alert was issued.

Gena pleaded with the general populace, “Please, if you see my van, if you see my kid, just bring them home.”

“Take them home, please. I feel very nervous.”

Despite never having met Gena before, Brittney Ford, a mother of three, felt compelled to lend a hand.

Even though it wasn’t my child, she claimed, “my heart sunk.” “That shouldn’t ever happen to a mother,”

In an effort to locate the missing infant Ghyadi, Brittney drove around town with the windows down and the music off.

Though it was unlikely, she was determined to at least give it a chance.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Brittney heard screaming coming from a ditch by the side of a little used road.

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