The day’s most heartwarming moment was a dad who used all of his savings over the years to buy new shoes for his son


Everyone was in awe of the thoughtful act of a compassionate father from the Philippines.

That style of shopping has never been seen before.

This dad once went shopping with his kid in a neighborhood mall to get the boy some new sneakers.

Until they discovered it, the pair struggled to decide which choice was best.

Dad surprised the cashier and the other customers when he pulled something strange out of his pocket during the payment process at the register.

It was actually a little box rather than a handbag or credit card.

As soon as he opened it, a large number of coins were spread out in front of the customers and cashiers.

Even demonetization coins were contained in the package, furthermore.

He had probably been gathering the coins for a number of years.

It therefore found out that the poor man had been saving for a very long time.

Opening it when he got into trouble became his primary goal and a fun hobby in the interim.

The benevolent father, however, chose to use the money to buy his teenager a new pair of shoes.

When the witnesses received the shoes, they claimed, the guy appeared ecstatic and happy with their purchase, and they continued to describe the incident.

He was able to make his son happy despite the challenging circumstances by giving him his much anticipated sneakers.

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