Mom lies to her son about selling his late marine father’s car while secretly having it restored for him


Marine Sgt. Nick promised to one day hand down his 1991 Ford to his own son because he loved it so much.

But it seemed as though those hopes had been dashed.

Sgt. Walsh was murdered by sniper fire in 2007 when he was deployed to Iraq.

His age was just twenty-six. At the time, Triston, his son, was just 4 years old.

The automobile was retained by Triston’s mother, but as time went on, it started to break down.

Later, Julie posted an explanation of the problem and a request for guidance on Facebook.

Knowing how much the automobile meant to Triston and his deceased father, should she keep it even if it is completely unusable?

Soon after the neighborhood became aware of the situation, local shops, mechanics, and dealerships began contributing to the free restoration of the Bronco.

Nearing his sixteenth birthday, Triston had no idea what was ahead.

In reality, his mother admitted to him that she had sold the Bronco (because it was such a junker, anyhow) and that she was going to use the proceeds to get him an alternative vehicle in its place—one that really functioned.

The teenager was so enraged and disappointed, though, that he wouldn’t talk to his mother for over two weeks.

He had great expectations and urgently wanted to drive his dad’s automobile.

He was aware that owning this automobile would let him feel more connected to his late father, a fallen hero who passed away far too soon.

Watch as Triston’s mother invites him to the auto dealership under false pretenses in this video.

As the curtain pulls back, his real birthday surprise is revealed.

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