An operator ignores a 4-year-old kid who calls a pizzeria for assistance with his pregnant mum


Would you ever imagine that the best location to intervene and assist a pregnant woman in need is a pizzeria? Most likely not.

In this YouTube video narrative, Wonderbot tells the story of a 4-year-old kid who contacted a nearby pizza business for assistance when his expecting mother needed it.

When John Winters, 4, heard a thump on the floor and noticed that his mother was laying there motionless, he made the decision to go for her smartphone and click a few keys, which ultimately resulted in placing a call to the most recent number she had dialed.

John stated to the person taking the phone, “My mama is on the floor of the stairs and I don’t know what to do.”

While his father was out of town, his mother Ginger had placed an order for a pizza from Gianni’s Pizza for supper that evening.

After the two had finished their meal, John heard a loud commotion coming from the stairs later that evening as he was off by himself playing.

Little John eventually got the pizza place to hang up, so he called them again.

This time a woman answered the phone, and John begged her not to disconnect him since he was in dire need of assistance for his mother.

A woman was able to ascertain through a series of inquiries that John and his mom had placed a dinner order earlier that evening, but that his mom now need assistance.

John was instructed to stay with his mother by Kelly, who also advised him that she would call for help at his residence.

Watch the complete Wonderbot video tale to discover out what happened to Ginger and what little John insisted on doing to express his gratitude to Kelly from the pizzeria for her assistance.

While we can’t confirm the veracity of the touching tale presented here, we believe you’ll be pleased by its feeling of surprise and serendipity.

The cycle of bad news could use a break, as might we all. Enjoy!

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