It is clear what size Marilyn wore in real life: plus-size or ideal body type


The crowd is still taken aback by Marilyn’s presence. However, a lot of people are still unsure about whether the actress will adhere to contemporary beauty standards.

To comprehend this, one must be aware of Monroe’s actual size.

She just had a short acting career since Monroe passed tragically when she was only 36.

What size did the lead female wear? is still the subject of much research since it is of great interest to many people.

Since the dimensional grids used in the 1950s and presently are significantly dissimilar, there was actually confusion.

For instance, a size “zero” on a current model is equivalent to a size 10 under the prior standard.

Naturally, the actress’s weight changed a little as she aged.

In the pathologist’s report, for instance, the weight is listed as 53 kilograms.

Today, the majority of Monroe experts agree that in terms of size, she was comparable to a modern woman.

She wasn’t overweight, but she also wasn’t too thin. On this, let’s all converge.

She was breathtakingly attractive, to put it simply. What merit do you believe this story has?

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