A man thinks a doggie he sees at a gas station standing by himself is lost, but his collar tag shows otherwise


When he observed the doggie standing by himself at a petrol station, he initially believed it to be lost.

The tag on the doggie’s collar reads that he just likes to hang out.

After the post with his images began circulating and gained 307 thousand likes, the puppy’s owners created a page for him.

Tyler noticed a doggie as he arrived at the petrol station.

The man recognized everything was in order with the doggie when he read the inscription on the medallion.

The guy originally suspected the doggie was missing. Hello, my name is Dew.

I’m not lost, no. I enjoy going on adventures. Please tell me to leave this area.

Both the details and images of the doggie were posted.

The popularity of the tweet led to the rise of both of them as Internet superstars walked up to me while I was putting gasoline in the tank.

Simply said, the doggie enjoys experiencing new things. Even a Fb page was created by the doggie’s owners for him to write about his exploits.

The doggie enjoys playing with his fam and pets and feels at home on the farm.

The fam sees to it that the doggie is in good health and that its collar has a GPS sensor that records its location in addition to a humorous inscription.

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