Twins who celebrated their 100th birthday together


Without a sure, it’s unique to have a twin that is an identical replica of you.

But residing next to a twin for a century? That makes it even weirder!

Mary Bell Roach and May Bell Powell, sometimes known as The Wallace Twins, are two sisters.

The twins were born in Kentucky on March 25, 22, and they are still there as of right now.

They were allowed to attend Murray State Un for their undergraduate studies.

They have occasionally utilized their similarity in appearance to their advantage when studying.

May “couldn’t even hit the ball,” according to Roach. “In his stead, I engaged in athletics.

She also composed my academic papers.

The best buddies married classmates that they had grown up with after they graduated from college.

Then, in Simsony, where they were raised, they were hired to teach first grade. For the following forty-two years, they taught next to one another.

Because their husbands had to serve in the war, the sisters’ careers had to be put on hold in the 1940s.

The sisters stayed close to one another during the conflict. They instead relocated to Detroit and found employment there.

Women buy mobile houses on wheels for their husbands after they return from the war so that they may all traverse the nation together.

The weird women have visited all 50 states as well as 8 European nations.

Additionally, they have taken 6 cruises together. This couple, who are both 100 years old, are still vibrantly alive.

According to Roach, the ladies are still highly powerful even if their husbands are no longer alive.

They travel around 30 minutes on foot each day to get to the gym, and on Fridays, you may meet them at the hair salon.

To be able to assist one another if necessary in the middle of the night, they just moved into the same room.

We’re always together and never have been separated, according to him. They stated, “That’s all we know about loving one other.

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