When a loving girl gave her sister the giggles at the hospital, a true miracle occurred


This adorable young girl’s parents, Amy and Stephan Smiths, were notified about her unusual condition as soon as she was born.

She was a cute preterm baby named Poppy who had a condition known as the uncommon Mobius syndrome.

The paralyzed facial muscles make it difficult for the person to talk in that state.

Fortunately, the angel’s health was improving steadily after being sent to an intensive care unit.

Although she had a disease, her parents want for her to have a happy and healthy upbringing.

So when their little child began walking at the age of 15 months, it was an amazing moment for them.

She still struggled, though, to talk properly and naturally.

In addition, she was unable to laugh or grin.

Poppy was already 2 years old when, nevertheless, an unexpected event occurred.

Her health condition abruptly deteriorated, and she had severe malaise.

Even the doctors were concerned that the adorable girl wouldn’t make it.

Even though they came to say goodbye to their beloved Poppy, it was exceedingly difficult for the entire family to get over their terrible emotions.

When Poppy’s sister was about to touch and kiss her one final time, an extraordinary event took place right then.

To their utter amazement, Poppy giggled when the sister attempted to amuse her by blowing air into her tummy.

They were speechless for a while because they were so startled.

Even the physicians found it to be an amazing occurrence. It was a marvel, her mother said.

Fortunately, Poppy quickly made a full recovery and was allowed to leave the hospital, but the unfortunate infant had to go through life with certain health issues.

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