Because of his appearance, his parents abandoned him: see how he looks now and what he does


A baby named Jono Lancaster was born with an unusual look many years ago.

When he was put up for adoption, he had only been alive for 36 hours.

The baby has a rare genetic condition that researchers are still working to fully understand.

In real life, it is known as Treacher-Collins syndrome.

When Jono’s mother first saw him, she was stunned and made the decision to reject him right away.

The development of a person’s facial bones is particularly influenced by the state in where the kid was born.

As a result, Jono developed a number of illnesses due to the distortion of his face.

According to the physicians, the youngster was unable to move or even speak.

Fortunately, Jean, a kind woman, adopted him when he was just 2 weeks old.

And today, as a result of the lady, he is a responsible and attractive mature man.

He is a well-mannered man with a positive outlook on life who enjoys a variety of interests and activities.

He particularly enjoys coming to the gym to maintain a flawless physique and a sound mind.

When asked once if he would be interested in having surgery to alter his facial features, Jono said that God had predestined him to have that face.

The man, who is now 25 years old, has made it his mission to tour the world and assist those who suffer from the same illness.

For many individuals who don’t believe in themselves and can’t appreciate life as it is, he is a true inspiration.

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