72kg after 610kg. How does it feel to be able to walk around on your own?


In 2013, Saudi Arabian Khalid Shaari had an overnight rise to prominence.

The 22-year-old man’s name was then entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest individual ever to have lived.

Khalid’s official record weight was 610 kilos, and the young guy himself hadn’t left his flat in years due to the fact that he could not pass through the doorway.

Who knows how much longer Khalid would have been unable to leave the house if it weren’t for Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Al Saud.

He gave the order to assist the man in losing weight after knowing that the 610-kilogram world record holder resides in the kingdom.

Additionally, he covered all associated costs and fully funded the medical care.

However, even getting Khalid to the Riyadh clinic was not an easy process.

The 610-kilogram man needed assistance getting to the location of treatment from a large crew of movers, installers, medical professionals, and builders.

Specialists took off a portion of the building’s wall before having Khalid be placed on a specially made bed that was then lowered to the ground by a loader.

Khalid’s obesity was discovered to be the result of genetic problems that needed to be treated as soon as possible, in addition to overeating and poor nutrition.

Khalid was able to lose over 400 kilos of extra weight in three years as a consequence of a number of surgeries and the combined efforts of several doctors.

Now that he was mobile on his own, he could even engage in some of the physical activity vital to his weight loss.

Khalid Shaari is currently 31 years old and weighs around 72 kilos.

He maintains a healthy lifestyle and is heavily interested in sports.

The man is prepared to do whatever in order to never once again appear in the Record Book.

In any case, not with a record for its own weight.

Khalid is extremely appreciative to Abdullah Al Saud for providing him with a ticket to a new life.

Sadly, the monarch passed away in 2015 and was unable to see the weight loss’s success.

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