Only in the bedroom might one see Victorian women dressed like this: Check it out


Long hair is now viewed as a sign of innate attractiveness.

However, not many ladies could afford to wear loose curls several decades ago.

All of this is attributable to the distinctive fashion of earlier ages.

As a result, the Rococo era was long since over, as was the wonderful vogue for towering hairstyles that, according to tradition, even mice could start.

But it was deemed improper to have loose hair.

It’s reasonable to ask where, then, the antique photos of Victorian females with long, wavy curls originate.

So the explanation is straightforward: they were models and actors.

Ladies of class could not afford to display untidy hair. This may be considered licentiousness and vice.

Only their husband or the maid who assisted in braiding their hair could see their loose hair.

Women only comb their hair in the bedroom because of this.

This was seen as an intimate process that could only be witnessed by the legal spouse and not by anyone else.

As a result, extremely long hair and complicated hairstyles were fashionable, and they were accessorized with jewelry and headdresses.

They appeared to show off femininity while also emphasizing that it was reserved for a lover and not excessive.

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