Time has passed, and these twin girls’ facial characteristics have radically changed: see who they look like 13 years later


Meet twin sisters Marcie and Millie Biggs, who shared every feature of their faces at birth. They were quite identical to one another.

However, one of the twins gradually began to change in appearance as her face, complexion, and hair grew darker and her eye color also altered.

The second infant, who had ginger curls, fair complexion, and blue eyes, remained unaltered.

They so had very diverse appearances from one another.

Anyone who recognized them as twins was shocked since they were so different.

The fact that their parents came from two separate countries was the cause.

Their father, Michael, was from Jamaica, while their mother, Amanda, was from England.

Everyone disapproved of their union when they were married.

They nonetheless chose to live together despite the advice of everyone.

Then those contrast wonders came into being.

The pair used to make fun of the fact that usually her mom was one of the tweens and her dad was the other.

Later, the sisters became well-known as a result of a photograph that was taken of them.

Additionally, stories were written about them, and their picture appeared on magazine covers.

The sisters are now mature schoolgirls, 13 years old, who, despite their differences in appearance, share a great deal of similarities.

Their common hobbies and viewpoints are shared. Best pals in school, they are also together.

Marcie is a highly energetic girl, whilst Millie is the exact opposite and has a very peaceful personality.

This is how their personalities differ from one another.

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