Here how the happiest lady lives: 12  years later, she had 8 babies


The story of a mother who gave birth to eight children all at once made headlines throughout the world in 2009 and created a stir in the medical field.

After her miracle delivery, the woman, Nadya Suleman, commonly known as “Octomom,” became well-known.

Despite being delivered early, all eight infants made it through and a week after giving birth, they broke a world record.

After giving birth to her eight children as a single mother, Nadya Suleman spent a large amount of time in the spotlight.

Some people disagreed with her choice, while others praised her for her bravery and tenacity.

But after more than 12 years, the Suleman family is now prospering.

IVF therapy and a fertility expert named Michael Kamvara helped Nadya, who struggled with fertility and tried to conceive when she was married but was unsuccessful, have several children without a husband.

However, it is known that Kamvara was subsequently removed from a medical organization as a result of the issue surrounding Nadya’s pregnancies. The facts leading up to her decision are not entirely known.

Despite experiencing reproductive problems, this brave woman persisted in trying to start a family.

In 2001, she gave birth to a boy, and a year later, a daughter.

By the time she was 30 years old, she had a total of 6 kids, four males and 2 daughters, including twins.

After she has maintained a low profile since the birth of her children, neither her present living status nor looks are known to the general public.

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