A couple from Mauritania who had nine children at once broke the previous record


It’s a great thrill for parents to have twins born.

Additionally, it’s uncommon in general, but what to say when there are additional offspring, like in this instance, when the mother gave birth to nine children at once.

It goes without saying that a young woman from one of the West African nations, who was 25 years old at the time, could never have imagined having a family of five girls and four boys all at once.

Due to the rarity of this situation, the pregnant girl was observed by physicians from a different, medically advanced nation.

The possibility that a young woman’s naturally born children would not live was much dreaded.

As a result, a cesarean section was performed when the infants weighed greater than 500 grams apiece.

Every step was successful. However, they were obviously not yet as viable and were already lengthening their term under unique circumstances.

The young mother is simply deliriously joyful. She looks after them and observes their growth in strength.

She is already eager to return home. They will return home after being shortly released.

All of the infants are growing properly and are no longer in need of cameras.

They were born in the summer and developed to clinic standards throughout this time.

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