Three words were all it took for Julia Roberts to convince Richard Gere to accept the lead role in “Pretty Woman.”


A different cast of performers would have been desired by fans of the traditional melodrama.

32 years have passed since Pretty Woman’s debut. Millions of people all around the world still love watching the movie repeatedly.

After the dramatization, the vivacious and outspoken Julia rose to fame.

Her co-star, Richard, has gained notoriety as a symbol of male virility.

There are even fewer who are aware that the actor outright refused to film the last scene.

The screenplay for the movie had been forwarded to Gere by director Harry M, but he wasn’t excited about the story.

Richard thinks Edward Lewis’s demeanor is dull and lifeless.

Offering the actor tremendous sums of money and the ability to rewrite the story were just two of the producer’s many attempts to persuade the actor to reconsider.

However, it was all in vain. Then Harry tried to win Gere’s love by sending him the gorgeous Julia Roberts.

Richard’s suspicions began to appear after spending the entire night listening to the performers converse.

He also found a letter Julia had slipped into his pocket when he got home, which was a surprise.

Essentially, it made a request for a “yes” .

He was persuaded to comply by her cunning move.

It received nominations for the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes since the film was a commercial success.

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