This young fellow came up with a business plan and got an apartment after only eight months


The Pacheko family, headed by Berenis and her three children, found themselves on the verge of going without a place to live due to a financial problem and rising debt.

When Berenis lost her job, the fam was forced to relocate into a farm with subpar housing conditions since they were struggling to pay their exorbitant rent for their L.a. home and survive on their own.

In this desperate scenario, Aaron, Berenis’s 8-year-old son, proved to be an unlikely hero.

Aaron suggested creating his own firm to get his own toys during a lighthearted talk with his mom.

At first Berenis dismissed the notion, but he was serious about it.

He bought eight succulent flowers at a nearby market with just $12 in savings, resold them for a meager $4 profit, and then bought more.

The more money Aaron made, the more he started to promote his plants on Instagram, where he rapidly built a sizable following.

His tale was covered by the media, and some kind people even set up a GoFundMe auction to help the fam.

In just 8 months, he was able to make $40,000 thanks to the auction and his lucrative plant company.

The Pacheko family used this money to buy their own own residence on the outskirts of the city.

And as more and more people learned about Aaron’s entrepreneurial drive, his firm began to prosper.

Aaron, however, is not willing to stop there.

He intends to one day buy the greatest home for his family and has plans to keep expanding his business and save more money.

Aaron’s tenacity and diligence not only prevented his family from going hungry, but also helped him become a role model for others.

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