Everyone laughed at the unique dancer until one day she found herself in the limelight


Meet Lizzy Howell, a gifted and dedicated dancer.

She has, however, had to put up with negative comments about her weight and dance appearance for many years.

Nonetheless, it remained her love, and she eventually conquered the trials and difficulties.

Dancing assisted Lizzy in getting through tough situations, such as those she has experienced as a result of her disabilities.

And, as she progressed in the traditional dance, she was often mocked for her weight.

But she was such a tough and industrious young lady that no one could stop her from achieving her greatest ambition of becoming a dancer.

As Lizzy stated, she wanted to recall why she continued to study dance.

She recognized at that point that she couldn’t envision her life without ballet!

It was merely her hobby!

Lizzy currently practices tap and ballet only two times a week due to her hectic schedule.

Lizzy began posting videos and sharing her tale on Instagram to bring her family up to speed on her development.

She can’t believe it, but her films quickly went viral, becoming incredibly motivating and uplifting themes for many.

She is still an encouragement to others who lack bravery and self-confidence.

She motivates people to start something really important for them right away, like she did.

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