After getting a haircut, she failed to recognize her partner. She was in store for yet another tremendous surprise


We want to share with you one of the wonderful events that took place on Rachael’s talk program.

Brandon, a young fellow who hadn’t had his hair trimmed in a while, decided to consent to get it done during the performance since his fiancée wanted to see him with it that way.

And in the conclusion, he had something quite special planned for him.

They were used to one other’s appearances after being friends for a long time before they began dating, but Claribel wanted to see him differently, and he didn’t reject her.

Every person in the crowd, including Claribel, was waiting for his new look while stylists worked on it.

She had no clue what his new haircut would make him look like. Finally, that time arrived.

For a brief while, she didn’t even identify him, and as she repeatedly said at the time, she struggled to believe that it was really him and speculated that it may have been someone who simply looked like him.

Anyway, she was in for another significant occasion. She was taken aback by his appearance, but then all of a sudden, he did something that let her forget about it.

He presented her with a diamond ring and proposed marriage. What a cue and a priceless second.

The audience applauded the lovely pair and expressed its satisfaction.

After Claribel confirmed, they embraced. Their adorable video is embedded below.

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