When the Siamese twins were 4 years old, they were separated. The girls are now 20. What they look like!


Kendra and Malia were born in February 2002 to Jake and Erin Herrin. The babies’ birth elicited conflicting emotions: they were Siamese twins.

Young parents were overjoyed to expand their family, but they were instantly concerned about their fate.

They shared their lives until they were four years old. However, their parents quickly chose to separate the twins, allowing each of them to be independent.

They only had two legs, and they could only move one of them. The females, on the other hand, soon learnt to collaborate and were able to move and play.

A team of 31 physicians performed the surgery in 2006 to split the Siamese twins.

It lasted them more than a day, and the episode was widely publicized in the press and on television, making Kendra and Malia minor superstars.

Twins who have been separated. When the girls were four years old, they were separated.

They each got independent after that. Despite the fact that they had to adapt to a new lifestyle, they did so fast.

After just 3 years, the girls started going to school, occasionally alternating with home learning.

The sisters acquired a creative talent. They could sit in their room and doodle for hours while humming their favorite song.

They have always demonstrated to their classmates that there is no such thing as a terrible scenario.

Because of this, they were regarded as the school’s heroes, and their peers were always eager to assist them in any way they could.

The girls are now 20. They now have full lives. Despite the fact that they may be apart for any length of time, they like to be near each other at all times.

The girls have their driver’s licenses and are very good drivers.

The siblings have a Youtube page and social media profiles where they discuss intriguing occurrences from their life.

Tons of thousands of people follow the girls on social media.

The Herrin sis are acquainted with the mom of Kelly and Carter.

They provide her excellent advise and aid her girls in any way they can because they have a lot of experience in the same circumstance.

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