The big girl from Altai who was born weighing approximately 8 kg and grew to be an elegance


All TV networks broadcast the extraordinary news 15 years ago that a girl weighing 7 kg 750 grams was delivered in one of the maternity facilities in Altai.

This article will describe the girl’s life now, including how she looks, how much she weighs, and what happened to her as she got older.

A newborn girl is typically between 3.3 and 3.4 kilograms in weight. This need is a bit higher for guys, up to 3.5 kg.

Large parents occasionally give birth to kids who weigh up to 5 kg. Usually, the big size of the fetus is discovered in the middle of pregnancy, and the lady is then ready for a potential emergency caesarean section.

The routine and caliber of the prospective mother’s food during pregnancy as well as her genetics play a role in the baby’s size after delivery.

Even though Tatyana, a citizen of Altai, was preparing for a cesarean birth even though Nadya’s parents had fair skin.

The next kid in their family was born larger than the one before; it was her eleventh birth.

Tatyana, a trained nurse who worked as a midwife, anticipated that Nadya would be delivered weighing around 5 kg.

All in the maternity hospital was taken aback when the baby arrived. Almost 8 kilos were displayed on the scales when she was weighed just after delivery.

Tatiana took care of her newborn baby with ease because she was an experienced mother at that point.

It was probably difficult for her mother to rock the girl in her arms because of her weight.

Although Nadya’s growth was judged to be normal and she had no health issues, she was being closely watched.

A nearby TV station learned about the bogatyr girl. After the article about her, the information was reported all across the nation.

Many individuals donated money, provided toys, diapers, and baby clothes in an effort to assist the huge family.

Growing up

The enormous girl developed like her brothers did, learning to walk and speak confidently by the age of one.

Nadia no longer resembled a giant at age 7, but rather merely a large kid. She attended a regular school where her friends were.

The girl dropped weight every year, becoming more and more like an ordinary little child.

Nadia is a news celebrity today, but if you didn’t know that, you might not identify her as a large girl because she is only 15 years old.

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