After discovering this note in her jacket pocket, a woman vowed never to buy used items again


At many individuals, buying goods used is a terrific way to get high-quality items for affordable prices.

However, doing so might also get you into problems, as one of the customers at this establishment did.

An story about how to stop wanting to go to thrift stores for good was published on Yahoo News.

One buyer purchased a stylish red jacket that was right on trend and appeared to have just been purchased.

She got her to make a wish because she had yearned for it.

After paying for her purchase, the girl went back to her house while daydreaming about how stunning she would be at a party in the evening.

She was nevertheless in for a nasty surprise. “As soon as I put the jacket on, my hands went into my pockets.

One of them contained something; it appeared to be a coin. But as I took it out, I saw that I was holding a letter.

I read it after I had opened it and regretted it, the user claimed.

I wish to be buried in these garments, the inscription said.

The fashion expert was certain that the former owner of the jacket had given hints to her family about what she wanted to wear for her final farewell by leaving such a statement on it.

Sadness rapidly overcame the excitement of the purchase because the owner’s wish for the item was never fulfilled.

The pocket has a different form of the note, though.

Perhaps the former owner got well and wanted to start over by replacing her wardrobe, and the jacket was donated to a good cause.

The girl was attempting to calm herself down in this manner.

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