The world’s “unhappiest cat” was supposed to be put down, but after being fostered by a loveful couple, he quickly recovered


Nicknames are only words; you must never allow them to define who you are or to classify you.

Following his discovery as a street-found kittie in dire circumstances, BenBen earned the moniker “Unhappiest cat in the universe.”

He appeared to be aware that he would never experience happiness again because of the dejected expression on his face.

Just one day before his life was about to end, a miracle occurred. He was supposed to be put to death.

Below, you may read more of BenBen’s narrative. On the street, BenBen was discovered in these circumstances and taken to an animal sanctuary. It’s likely that another animal assaulted him.

In addition to having a cauliflower ear and serious wounds on his spine, he also had a dejected expression.

He was returned to the shelter by the initial adoptive family due to his challenging medical issues.

The day before he was to be put to death, a charming couple appeared and saved him from his doom.

He nearly gave up on life at the shelter by stopping eating or even drink.

But after only one hour after getting to his new house and meeting his beloved new fam, he had a full transformation.

He began to snuggle and purr. At last, he realized he was secure.

The best treatment for BenBen was love, which is the ultimate medication.

Even the doctors were taken aback by his speedy recuperation. Really not bad for a kitten who was never expected to walk again. Greetings from his new life!

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