Meet Salvador Dolly, the homeless pup with the most magnificent handlebar mustache


Dallas Animal Services received a street Shepherd mix a few weeks ago from the Hearts & Bones Rescue group.

The dog just gave birth to eleven gorgeous pups, but one of them stood out for having distinct black marks on her cheeks that resembled a handlebar mustache.

Everybody knew she was unique from the moment she was seen.

As a result, the pup was given the nickname Salvador Dolly, after the painter Dali, who was well-known for both his paintings and his recognizable mustache.

The fam was able to live with a foster home temporarily while they searched for their forever home since a foster house was willing to take them in due to the large number of strays that were arriving into the rescue.

By the end of August, Dolly, her mother, and her siblings will all be available for adoption.

In the meanwhile, the pups are being constantly watched in the foster family while they are still breastfeeding.

In order to provide their mom the energy she needs to care for all of them, she is nourished and given attention.

Although the fam won’t be moved to New York for acceptance for a few more weeks, she has received several questions and adoption applications.

She has overwhelmed the volunteers caring for the pups, and they are delighted for her, but they also want to make sure that her mother and her other 10 siblings receive the same affection and attention as the “Mustache Pup.”

They are all in need of a home, and the greatest thing is that they all provide endless kisses, cuddly embraces, and unwavering love.

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