In a touching video, a 4-year-old boy with speech delay says, “I love you, mommy.”


On TikTok, the mom of a 4-year-old kid with a speech impediment submitted a touching video.

Braylon made a tremendous feat while Jayla was baking with him.

For the very first time, he talked without needing his mother to nudge him. The mom and son shared a nice moment.

Mom, I appreciate that, he remarked. Additionally, he said, “Mommy, I love you.”

The seven brief words have far greater significance. She captioned the video, “While cooking with my kid, the most surprising situation occurred… wait for it.”

She was astounded by what her kid was saying. He was diagnosed with a speech impairment at the age of 18 months, thus achieving this milestone was significant for him.

She discussed this poignant event with Today. I initially thought, “Did it just happen? I felt stunned.

He took me totally off surprise,” she said. “I cry anew every time I view the tape,”

@jaylabrenae5 It’s an even sweeter moment for me knowing I used to pray for the days my son could tell me he loved me due to him being speech delayed. I’m in awe right now😭❤️ #momlife #sahm #mommoments #sweetestboy #toddlertalk #beautifulmoments ♬ janes love song – Miya

To arrive to this point, he and his parents put forth a lot of effort. Early detection speech therapy was given to him.

Even after they moved to Texas, his parents kept supporting him in this.

“He is quite resolute. He never loses patience. He’ll simply keep saying a word until he understands it.

He enjoys learning a lot, she said. Watch the video above to see for yourself what he has accomplished.

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