A man built his own kayak to go on adventures with his doggies


When you get to enjoy the good things in life with somebody you care about, they taste much better.

David, 67, discovered that by adding a few modifications, he would be able to enjoy his passion of kayaking with his adorable pooch Susie.

She could fit nicely in the luggage compartment of his kayak.

The excursions could now begin after Bahnson installed some coaming to the baggage area to keep Susie dry and comfy.

She was ecstatic to join her fam on their trips, and Bahnson adored taking her out on the ocean.

When he and his spouse welcomed a second dog into the fam, he swiftly drilled a 2nd hole in the kayak so that tiny Ginger could join the adventure.

When he took these two on outings in the small kayak, they always felt secure and content, and they would calmly wait for approval to exit the kayak when they reached shore.

Despite having excellent swimming abilities, neither Ginger nor Susie ever leapt over while aboard the kayak.

They were more than content to simply float about in the lake with their father and spend time altogether. This is so sweet and adorable, don’t you think?

He and his spouse took them out on the lake with them frequently, and they also indulged them to other fam outings like riding in his helicopter or doing road trips.

Although Ginger and Suse have since died away, their memories of the love and adventure that they had throughout their short lives endure.

He and his wife are carrying on the custom established by these two by taking their new dogs on enjoyable and adventurous kayaking excursions.

The admiration they receive from other kayakers they encounter on the lake, the clean air, and the thrill are all very enjoyable to their pets.

However, they most enjoy spending time together as a fam and experiencing such unique and priceless experiences.

He and his incredible doggie kayak have garnered the admiration of many people.

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