The dog and his owner were separated for 3 years: the dog loses his head with joy when he meets him after a long separation


This dog and its owner were separated for 3 years. And then one day, when the dog meets his master after a long separation, he loses his head with joy!

This animal has been in the shelter for six months. But her story has always been very touching. One day, people noticed an abandoned dog that was neat.

The poor animal was wandering the streets when a local resident suddenly noticed him.

The man who saw the dog immediately called rescuers. An animal rescue team arrived at the scene and took the dog to the shelter.

The dog was very sad, she did not eat or drink anything. The shelter staff began to distribute an ad on social networks to find a loving owner for him.

One day the owner saw photos of his dog and contacted the shelter staff. He told them that this is his dog, he lost it 3 years ago.

And so, when that day came and the dog saw his best human friend, he began to smile, wag his tail and jump.

He was so happy to see him again that at that moment he became a completely different, cheerful dog. Finally the dog, after a long separation, was reunited with his owner!

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