When Senior doggie learns that he is being adopted, he begins to dance


People often ignore older canines when selecting a dog from the shelter.

To obtain fresh pups, some owners even dump their elder pets. It breaks my heart to see how easy people give up on their friends.

A 10-year-old doggie named Dreadlock was left behind by his owner and has spent the last four years in the Soi Dog Charity sanctuary in Thailand.

When he got to the rescue, his fur was seriously damaged and he had considerable skin issues.

He was given the moniker Dreadlock due of his matted and dirty coat.

Now that Dreadlock has the assistance and attention of the experts at Soi Doggie, he is doing much well.

Despite his harsh exterior, the elderly guy likes strolling and being hugged.

According to rescue, Dreadlock is an elderly doggie that is calm, polite, and docile and who doesn’t show much enthusiasm for anything.

But for some cause, he’s been passed over repeatedly, making it difficult for him to find a new owner for all these decades.

Thankfully, he was adopted and given a new home by a compassionate individual in the UK.

Dreadlock was informed by volunteers Darren that he had been adopted and would soon be moving into his new home.

After receiving the wonderful news, he got up and had a great dance.

He was so ecstatic that he jumped off the walls, and Darren’s face lit up at his joyful dancing.

We are pleased that he will live in a caring environment and have the chance to have the life he deserves as he ages.

Check out the video above.

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