Every day the old man waits quietly by the water for his closest friend to wriggle out and meet him


Since the beginning of time, humans and animals have been in intimate connection. anything that has lasted a long time.

There are still a lot of individuals who calmly spend their lives off the radar, far in the woods, while many of us could even begin to understand what it is like to live far away from the frenetic city life we have all grown accustomed to.

To reveal the truth, just the two of us live alone. As the person claims, he coexists with many animal species.

He always strikes up relationships with excellent wildlife ambassadors.

Everything began a couple winters ago. He  was shocked to discover the small animal seeking for food on his doorstep back then.

The young otter found it virtually hard to obtain prey because it was so chilly outdoors and the lake was almost completely frozen.

Seppo was a kind-hearted guy who gave his strange visitor some fish, which he eagerly accepted.

It was the start of a wonderful friendship. After somebody chose to spread the word about these two friends, one became well-known online.

The otter has now made itself at home in Seppo’s residence, and the older guy is delighted to have it there.

Seppo makes sure he has some extra food in his cupboard now that winter is right around the horizon, just in case his otter friend chooses to invite any of his other animal pals over as well.

Watch the video below below to learn more about this sweet tale!

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