A woman is expecting a child, and her doggie already loves the unborn baby sister


Sister of Penelope is incredibly fortunate.

She is not even born yet, but her furry sister obviously loves her very much.

Juliana, Penelope’s pet mother, and her fam reside with them.

She has been being extra loving since learning that she is expecting a child.

Penelope even tried to cuddle with the unborn child by leaning against her tummy, and Juliana was able to get the sweetest footage of it.

She is and has always been a very loving doggie. But even when she realized Juliana was expecting…

She has become much cozier. She already attempts to hug her unborn sibling through her mother’s tummy because she adores her so much!

She is very eager to become a big sister. Let’s show some love to this adorable family.

Check out the cute video above cause it will make you smile and fill your heart with so much love and adoration.

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