Years after his death, a Pearl Harbor soldier’s remains were discovered and handed to his family


Another heroic serviceman’s ashes have been given back to his fam over 8 decades after the attack.

Navy Sailor 2nd Class Howard S. Magers of Kentucky was the most current set of bones to be recognized.

The 18-year-old paid the ultimate price and he or she will be commended for it. A true hero!

The bones will be interred in a fitting send-off during the Memorial Day weekend, according to family spokesperson Paula.

She informed AP, “We truly wanted to offer him a beautiful farewell.”

“A 21-gun toast will be fired in his honor as part of the complete military rites.

It will be a truly remarkable day. I feel privileged to be dealing with the fam.”

Magers can now be reunited with his fam thanks to advances in Dna analysis. He was recognized by anthropological, dentistry, and mitochondrial and autosomal DNA testing.

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