Tom Brady says it will be “a new experience” for him to spend Christmas alone in a hotel room


Tom is anticipating spending his 1st Xmas alone in a long time, and it comes out that he truly will be by himself.

Tom said that he will spend Christmas Eve and Xmas Day in a hotel room all by himself when talking on the Let’s Go! with a podcast.

Co-host Jim overheard him say: “I’ll need to develop coping mechanisms since it will be a novel experience for me.

I believe that’s what life is all about.”he continued by saying, “What have you learnt from this football season, as you just stated in your question?

I’m going to gain some experience navigating Christmas Eve at a hotel.” What a decision!

To which he said, “I’m going to have to figure out how to cope with Xmas and the night and yet still go out there and be a pro.

And then look forward to spending Xmas with my children next day, which is half of what football season has been like for a lot longer.”

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