Mom enters to comfort her son after the surgery and notices the nurse cuddling him in the hospital bed


The year hadn’t been easy for Slade, who was 5 at the moment. For his 2nd procedure of 2019, he traveled to the Williamsport, UPMC Susquehanna clinic.

During his most recent appointment, his tonsils were removed.

While her son got his treatment, Layla, his mother, watched anxiously in the waiting area.

She genuinely wanted him to feel protected and attended for because she was so worried about him.

It goes without saying that she was eager for him to leave the hospital and return to his cozy home and bedroom.

Before allowing her to enter his room after the procedure, the nursing staff had to assess his vital signs.

When one of his caregivers, Annie, RN, informed him that it wasn’t yet time for his mother to be there with him, he begged her for a favour.

When she entered his hospital ward, she noticed something that struck her so deeply that she had to take a picture to remember the event.

The photograph received thousands of views after being posted on Facebook, which ignited the internet.

The UPMC staff stated on Facebook that “as a nurse, delivering treatment is one thing, but help ensure our patients are peaceful and relaxed means just as much.”

Our patients are kept pleased by nurses like her who exhibit genuine concern.

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