Meet Ah Fei, the kitten with the Oscar-deserving reactions for his amusingly dramatic behavior


Due to his propensity for overreacting, Ah , a rescued cat, is becoming more and more well-known on Insta.

People are falling in love with this lively and plump kitten from China, whose signifies “fat” in Mandarin.

That’s because whenever his parents use a ball to interact with him, he exhibits a range of delightfully theatrical facial expressions that would merit an Oscar.

You may view some of his craziest and hilarious reactions in the pictures shown here.

This drama queen has 20,000 subscribers on his Insta, which is solely devoted to his travels.

Remember to visit his Instagram page if you want to view more images of him.

Let’s show some love to this baby as he deserves every like and love we can give him.

What a cutie and adorable he is! He definitely needs an Oscar for all of this.

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