“We must believe in a miracle”: parents of Siamese twins shared with the most unusual story


Hannah and Danny recently became parents and decided to share their story of fear and faith they experienced during the fusion of their children from breast to pelvis from the very day they were born.

It so happened that babies have different hearts, but the same fused bladder, colon and limbs. They will have an operation, during which doctors hope that the separation of their organs will be successful.

Although they mentally prepared, the parents said that at the time, the birth went without any major problems.

Hannah and Danny said that as young parents they knew very little about Siamese twins. For them, it was a new and scary experience when Anabel and Isabelle were born to them.

The couple hope for the best development of early events. Hannah recalled the first days of her pregnancy and said that they went for an early scan and listened to their heartbeat, then they were in for a huge surprise.

It turned out that they were twins, and they had to see a doctor at a local hospital.

Then, as they were looking at the doctor’s photo, it suddenly appeared in front of them, and Hannah asked them, “Did they merge? And the doctor replied that most likely yes, he also thinks so.

Hannah said the babies had a strong lust for life and it seemed like a real miracle to everyone when they finally reached their 35th week of pregnancy.

Now this lovely family of 4 has finally returned home where they are now preparing for their Siamese twins’ surgery.

When Hannah was asked about her feelings, the woman replied that much more would be revealed only during the operation, you just need to trust them and believe that there will be a miracle.

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