The world’s oldest mother of quadruplets, this 65-year-old mother of 13 gave birth to quadruplets


Introducing 65-year-old German mother Annegret, who gave birth to quadruplets lately.

She has dedicated her entire life to raising and teaching both her children and her students. She teaches English and Russian at the school.

After 26 weeks, she gave birth to the preterm infants, as the German TV networks stated.

In April, a newborn girl, 3 adorable boys, and a baby were delivered.

Despite having been in menopause for 20 years, she was still able to have children.

Medically speaking, it was less feasible to give birth to a child at that time without help.

The reason is that planning a pregnancy for health beyond age 35 is dangerous.

The infants were delivered in remarkably good health and condition, despite the fact that it was anticipated that they would arrive quite early, as RTL stated.

The only time the physicians had to put them in incubators was until they reached 38 weeks.

Lelia, her youngest child, wanted a sibling, according to the mom. To be capable to have one more child, the concerned mother traveled to some other nation for egg implantation.

She was attacked for having 4 additional children at that age by many experts, officials, and even religious figures.

She chose her course of action on her own, nevertheless, without taking into account their responsibility.

Thus, she became the oldest mother to give birth in Germany with the delivery of the four magnificent children.

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