Our feline buddies are overjoyed that people are buying IKEA doll beds for them


When IKEA originally released the Duktig bed, they surely had no idea it would end up becoming a very popular cat bed.

All because the little wooden bed was made just for dolls to sleep in.

However, it has been shown that the chic and trendy doll beds make excellent beds, and as a result, many cats now have their very own tiny “human bed” to rest on.

And IKEA fully supports this creative repurposing; they even delivered Duktig beds to a shelter so that the rescued kittens would have comfortable sleeping! That is the cutest thing ever!

Making the little ittens’ beds as snug and pleasant as possible for them is a lot of joy, and many people have been uploading pictures of their furry family members relaxing in their gorgeous new beds.

We’ve chosen a handful of our favorites, and we hope you’ll appreciate these unique bedding suggestions!

Let’s be kind to these lovely women. They undoubtedly merit it, in my opinion.

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