A pup that had been deserted was discovered alone at the airport with a note from his owner explaining why she had to abandon him alone


Chewy, a 3-month-old Chihuahua, was found by a safety worker at McCarran Airport Vegas.

At the entrance, he was dumped alone in a restroom. It seems like his owner was trying to get away from a violent scenario.

Unfortunately, his owner was unable to go with him, so she chose to leave him with a statement in the chances that a wonderful person would stumble upon him.

“Hi! ” the letter started. Here, chewy! My girlfriend was being abused at home and was unable to afford my trip expenses.

She really didn’t want to leave me, but there is nothing she can do.

My ex-boyfriend beat my dog during an argument, leaving a sizable scar on his skull. He’ll probably need to see a doctor.

I am madly in love with him. Please show him love and attention.

He needed immediate medical attention due to a head injury. To help him, the airport staff got in touch with Connor and Millie’s Doggie Sanctuary, a neighboring non-profit with a foster-based program.

He was gratefully taken in by the rescue group and taken to a vet clinic for pets.

The CMDR accepts odler and special needs animals and provides for them while working to find them permanent homes.

He made a full recovery swiftly, and because his story touched so many people, it took no time for the rescuers to find him a forever home.

Gilliam worries how numerous other animal parents and their animals are enduring terrible relationships and being victims of domestic abuse today.

She now shares his story to highlight that victims may find refuge at CMDR in order to aid individuals who are in abusive circumstances.

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